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Elevate & Accelerate Your Development: Harmonizing Low Code & Digital Process Automation with Generative AI Assisted Development (TuringBots)



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Dr. Mohammed T. Abulhaija

Regional Growth Manager
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AVP Information Technology
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Mohamad Al Solh

Solution Architect
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Ala Radwan Telfah

Solution Architect
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Ahmad Ghalep Abdelhalim

AI Technical Team Leader for Maestro Blocks
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Mohamed Fawzy

Technical Project Manager and LCAP expert
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Regional Channel Manager
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Product Manager
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Presales Specialist
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Aladdin Obaid

AI Technical Team Leader for Maestro Blocks
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29 May 2024 6PM GMT+4
Hosted by Maestro Blocks and featuring John Bratincevic of Forrester Research

About The Webinar

With the rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly Generative AI Technology (GenAI), tools like ChatGPT have become invaluable assets, proving their worth in various business sectors. Imagine the impact of these technologies on software development, where you could generate an entire application with just a single text prompt!

Discover how Generative AI Assisted Development, or as coined by Forrester "TuringBots", are revolutionizing the industry by enhancing low-code & Digital Process Automation (DPA) and accelerating the delivery of applications and business processes.

Join us for an enlightening live free webinar on "GenAI-Powered Low Code and Digital Process Automation" featuring our guest speaker John Bratincevic, Principal Analyst at Forrester.

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Watch a demonstration on Maestro Blocks Low Code and Digital Process Automation Platform including ‘’TuringBots’’ in action demonstrated by the Maestro Blocks team.

At Maestro Blocks, we employ all our experts to offer unique knowledge that makes an unforgettable experience, also continuous updates to the developments of Maestro Blocks's platform overall, and finally our latest efforts in equipping AI power in several areas to speed up the development process, enriching end-user applications, and raise technology fans satisfaction.

The intervention of AI with our Low-code platform with advanced business process management capabilities will lead to the implementation of best practices, resulting in better journey and faster time to market.

This intervention has led to:

  1.  A comprehensive platform that is compatible with LLM APIs specs such as the ones offered by OpenAI and supports cloud AI Commercial providers such as ChatGPT and Gemini and opensource models that can work on-premises.
  2. Take the lead for most common developer tasks such as code generation, and building workflows, forms, and data models.
  3.  Provide users with User Prompt-Based Component Generation to create multiple components of your business application.

Join our webinar to explore more how generative AI Assisted Development is reshaping the Low-code & DPA, you will get to know the overriding principles, concepts, and trends that enables you to understand and engage better with business automation!


Are you ready to get inspired and change the way how you think about software development with AI?

Join now and secure your spot and get insightful insights on the trends disrupting software development, more over stay till the end and join a quiz on the topics to win exciting rewards!

Key points

Be aware more about the trends and impact of AI on Low-code and Software Development Overall & Discover the insightful and inspiring discussions of Our Experts and Expand your Passion in Software Development and AI!

  • The webinar will discuss how enterprises address the challenges of the changing digital environment with Low-code & No-code applications and discover how they manage and govern.
  •  Joining our speakers will open new horizons for you to discover the role of AI-assistant tools in low code development and how you can generate codes, create workflows, build domain models, and more!
  • This webinar offers a comprehensive guide to understanding the role of AI-assisted development and all the powerful and state-of-the-art features that Maestro Blocks offers to developers.
  •  This webinar will focus on the important concepts needed for developers in the next stage of Low-code

What is the Value of Attending our Webinar?

Joining the webinar can yield several knowledge areas, the most important are:

Insightful Discussions: Explore more about AI capabilities with Low-code & No-code platforms. This includes proficiency in using AI-powered features in Maestro Blocks such as generating code automatically, several recommendations, and predictive modeling within low-code environments.

Product-Focused Insights: Deep understating of AI principles, tools, and techniques for streamlining and improving low-code development in Maestro Blocks platform.

Networking: Expand your community with all technology lovers and enjoy building professional connections.

Practical Demonstrations: Get to know more about advanced experts in the Low-code & No-code market! Leveraging their knowledge and research in the field.

Good to Know

The webinar will be recorded for future reference and reuse.

The event will be hosted on LinkedIn.

Stay focused, there is a quiz at the end to get a chance to win valuable rewards!

Attendees do not need any prior experience in Low Code, DPA & Generative AI to attend the webinar.