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Create Powerful Applications With Minimal
Coding Using Low Code Platform

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Energising The Digital

Make digitizing your business easy, affordable and improve customer experience

Maestro helps you map out your everyday processes to identify and eliminate bottlenecks, control your company’s costs, make your day-to-day processes as efficient as possible, and ensure the effectiveness of the people involved in your processes.

Maestro helps



Create a leading low-code to no-code platform that generates revolution in the software development industry



Empower every citizen or professional developer to create their own applications faster.

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Our Customers

federal authority
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Industries We Serve

Banking, finance & insurance
Public Sector
Public Sector
Energy & Utilities
Transportation & logistics

Product Use Cases

For any business of any size that needs to accelerate their digital transformation journey by enabling business users to act as citizen developers

Facts & Figures

Number of satisfied users:

20 + thousand

Countries served:

UAE, Tunisia

Years in the market:

5 years

Number of motivated employees:

70 + employees

Business Value

Business Agility

Business Agility

Business Agility

Realtime ability to modify processes according to business change and new requirements.

Get Apps Built Faster

Get Apps Built Faster

Get Apps Built Faster

  • Streamline and automate the development process to build better mobile and web applications in a fraction of the time as traditional coding.
  • Easily deploy applications with a single click and make changes without downtime.
  • Go to market faster.

Decrease Cost and Save Time

Decrease Cost and Save Time

Decrease Cost and Save Time

  • Reduce the possibility of human errors.
  • Decrease the demand for developers and expert developers.
  • A reduction of 40-60% in development costs and a more agile commercial response.

Higher Level of Productivity

Higher Level of Productivity

Higher Level of Productivity

  • Innovation is no longer constrained by time.
  • Enhance the productivity of the business user by allowing them to create their own applications.
  • Take less time between idea generation and execution.

Platform Interfaces

Multiple stand-alone modules can be seamlessly integrated together and facilitate the required digital transformation, resulting in better digital experiences.

Studio Portal:

A creation platform that contains visual tools that allow users to build, integrate and manage various design phases and create web / mobile app by dragging and dropping the system or application components.

Launcher Portal:

A user-friendly workspace in which output or results are displayed and where requests can be submitted, approvals managed, progress monitored, and collaborations conducted.


Manage all the data stores used by the application which can be JSON Documents or Relational Database (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and, PostgreSQL Databases). Maestro provides the users with visual (drag and drop) tools to build and manage the database connected to the application and the ability to connect to an existing database.
• Easy-to-use graphical interface for drawing Entities and associations.
• Build data models in accordance with JSON format or any external source.
• Execute CRUD operations on the data model, as the database’s interactions are based on these classes.
• A dynamic query for retrieving data from the database.

Build powerful page in the simplest way possible using a visual (drag and drop) data capture tool without coding, faster to complete and more intuitive.
⦁ An easy-to-use graphical interface with drag-and-drop functionality for building powerful forms.
⦁ Provide a variety of widget palettes that can be customized.
⦁ Support for multi-lingual translations.
⦁ Configure and route forms through process stakeholders.
⦁ Accessible, Customizable Templates and Layouts.
⦁ Data Validation to make sure all the data is accurate and follows the specified rules.
⦁ Easily customize pre-defined page templates to meet specific business needs.

Specify conditional or repeated actions and express the logic of the application and create interactive logic flow quickly and efficiently.
⦁ An easy-to-use graphical interface for setting up logic and business rules.
⦁ Systematically and Smoothly Integrating with other software applications.
⦁ A tree structure that is predefined with all the logic actions required to complete the task, including decisions, parameters, loops, events, objects, client functions, list functions, and integration functions to achieve the desired result.
⦁ From the Logic Flow, call either a Workflow or a Logic Flow.

Maestro Blocks provides a visual workflow that streamlines the implementation of complex workflows while enabling the users to have endless, digitalized processes, and perpetual automation as the workflow designer contains all the components necessary to implement complex workflows visually using drag-and-drop features.
⦁ An easy-to-use graphical interface to build end-to-end process.
⦁ Systematically and Smoothly Integrating with other software applications.
⦁ An extensive set of parallel branches and conditional paths.
⦁ Notifications and alerts can be configured in real-time to keep the user up to date.
⦁ Simplifying the task execution process through delegation and escalation
⦁ In one click, build an audit trail that is accurate, detailed, and enforces a clear separation of duties.
⦁ A security and access control, which allows the use to define the role and level of responsibilities and visibility of other users, based on the user’s role and level within the organization.

Maestro Blocks Dashboard is an interactive dashboard that tracks, gathers, and displays business data with interactive and customizable visualizations that allow users to keep track of information within their business, analyze processes, and gain actionable insight from these analyses in real time.
⦁ Dynamically generates dashboards for processes, requests, and users.
⦁ Tracks processes and requests using custom graphics and charts generated by the system.
⦁ Generates statistical reports to track user responsiveness towards applications and workflows.

A security and access management system is one of the most powerful features of Maestro Blocks, which offers a variety of controls and procedures that ensure the only authorized users have access to the system, as well as ensuring the highest level of security and safety of system modules and application.
⦁ A high-security, comprehensive approach for managing access and identity.
⦁ Externally authenticate users (Ex. Active Directory, etc.)
⦁ Managing system security roles, privileges, permissions, and organizational units.

Maestro Blocks support Integration with other software and databases which allows for the enhancement of the functionality of existing systems and allows for the connection of different systems to make process completion timelier and more efficient.
⦁ Various integration methods can be used to integrate with external systems (e.g., Restful APIs, Soap APIs, Oracle and SQL Servers, Active Directory, etc.
⦁ Having the capability of automatically retrying an endpoint when there is an error when trying to call it.
⦁ Schedule integrations based on different time patterns to achieve the best results.
⦁ Errors encountered during integration are logged.

Maestro Blocks mobile app is the gateway to all the functionality of the Maestro Blocks web with the ability to develop native Android and iOS apps as well as build embedded software from one single visual development environment.
⦁ Native Navigation Menus that help users to visualize the full structure of the app.
⦁ Detailed insight into the items that end users use on a daily basis.
⦁ Native-Mobile-OS widgets and features such as geolocation, animations, and many others.
⦁ Notifications and alerts can be configured in real-time to keep the user up to date.
⦁ Live Local Testing on Mobile Devices.
⦁ Support a wide range of operating systems such as Android as well as iOS for the purpose of publishing.
⦁ Push notifications are delivered in real time.
⦁ Easily create new items and submit requests through the mobile interface, with no complexities involved at all.
⦁ An interactive dashboard and reports are available that track gathers and displays business data with interactive and customizable visualizations.

Maestro Blocks provides the Plugin SDK and Plugin Shell tools that helps the developer to build new advanced plugins, test them, and inject them into the page builder.
⦁ Maestro Plugins Development Kit
⦁ Extend the capabilities of the Maestro platform by utilizing the power of the Open-Source communities
⦁ Provide flexible environment and tools to build a limitless functionalities and features
⦁ Introduce the Maestro Blocks as Platform not as an Engine for the open-source community developers
⦁ Maestro Plugins Shell Application
⦁ Contains Parts of Maestro CMS Rendering Engine
⦁ Easy Runtime Updates in the Development Phase
⦁ Allow Testing in the Design and View Modes

How It Works

Embrace Digital Transformation with Maestro Blocks In 4 Easy Steps

1. Set-Up Data Store

The first step in creating a Data Model begins with the definition of entities and their associations to begin to build the model.

2. Build-In User Page

Secondly, use the drag-and-drop feature to create efficient applications quickly by placing fields and controls on a page.

3. Define The Application Logic

Thirdly, define the business rules and actions required for the application. Once the business rules are defined, the logic of the application can be developed.

4. Single Click Deployment

Finally, simply click a button and the applications can be deployed and made available to end users

Business Process Lifecycle

Below is a second approach to describing how Maestro Blocks operates its business processes.

1. Create processes based on business requirements by utilizing the visual process designer tool.
2. Create states and related activities, actions, conditions, events, etc.
3. An easy one-click makes deploying the process a breeze.

1. Create dynamic web forms using an easy-to-use graphical environment.
2. Connect the web-based form to the process and then proceed with the configurations as needed.

1. Upon submission of a new request, the user able to initiate the execution of a new process.
2. The workflow engine will route the request between the stakeholders of the process until the process is complete and approvals have been obtained.

The Process Admin monitors the execution of the process periodically by analyzing the data collected through the system to improve the execution of the process by utilizing: –
⦁ Dashboards.
Graphics and charts.

Maestro Cloud

Dev Portal:

As a key component in Maestro Blocks, the developer portal is an enabler for cloud development, and it is a repository from which users can store their apps after creating them or granting access to them. In addition, the developer portal allows users to collaborate, control, and manage their apps, teams, and users, as well as deploy applications to the cloud.

A Real-World Success Stories

Problem Statement

As a large, geographically dispersed company, Tahaluf provides Maestro Blocks to many clients to support their challenging projects in a variety of fields that must be completed within a very short period.

Older solutions were either infeasible or slow.

Human intervention is required in some processes.

Slow and heavy system operation that requires high licensing fees

To fulfill operational procedures, solutions must be customized extensively

Our experience with Maestro Blocks has led us to believe that it is the optimal solution for delivering on time, ensuring accurate preparation, and achieving the best possible results in our ongoing large projects as well as meeting the needs of our clients and solving their issues.

Increase client satisfaction by early and continuous delivery of valuable software.

Low licensing cost

No expert developers were required

70% timesaving compared to the manual process

High productivity.

Maestro fulfilled the solution quickly with low operational cost. No developers were required after enabling citizen developers.

Excellent Maestro lightweight workflow engine performance.

Pricing and Subscription Plans

Maestro Cloud

• Unlimited users
• 5 Concurrent user maximum (Citizen Developer, End User)
• Goes into sleep mode after an hour or so of inactivity and automatically resumes when a user accesses it.
• All your data is retained while the app is in sleep mode.
• 0.5 GB Database
• 1 GB Files
• 0.5 vCPU
• Single environment in the Maestro Cloud. (i.e., no production, acceptance, and test environment
• Not available (i.e., not configurable from the Developer Portal)
• Only one instance and a fixed amount (1 GB) of memory.
(Will specified after sizing milestone).
• Not Supported
• Performed daily
• Cannot be triggered manually.
• Stored up to two weeks.
• Can be handled via ticketing system.
• Resolution time can be flexible with no restrictions on time.
• Issue types restricted (problems, bugs, limitations, etc.)
• Online forums will provide the required help by
the community (e.g., Stack overflow, GitHub)
• Android: Supported
• IOS: Not Supported

Standalone version

• Unlimited users
• 5 concurrent user maximum (Citizen Developer, End User)
• Launcher show message that its community version
(randomly chosen) regardless of user activity.
• Unlimited
• Can be handled via ticketing system.
• Resolution time can be flexible with no restrictions on time.
• Issue types restricted (e.g., problems, bugs, limitations.)
• Online forums will provide the required help by
the community (e.g., Stack overflow, GitHub)
• Android: Supported
• IOS: Not Supported

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